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jpop20in20's Journal

JPOP 20 IN 20.
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Select Members , Moderated
JPOP icons contest community.
JPOP20in20 is a sister site/response to the 20-in-20 icon community kpop20in20. Rules and information about submission and voting is listed below.

- You must be a member in order to submit your entries.
- You must sign up to participate in each round.
- Please only pick one Jpop artist for each round.
- If you are choosing a member of a group/band, please be specific. List the band name and the member's name.
- First come first serve.
- You may not choose the same artist twice in a row.
- Those who have signed up and are listed for the particular round will be given posting access from our mods.
- Format and table will be given to you to use for each round.
- Tags of your username will be made for your designated round. Please use them and tag your entries.
- You are given 20 days to submit your 20 icons, eg. Dec 3rd to Dec 23rd.
- Please provide a total of three icons for previews, and then cut the rest or use a link to your journal/community.
- If posting in your journal, please do not lock the entry.

- Themes. Total of 10 icons. Themes will be alternated for each round.
- Category. Total of 5 icons. Category will also be alternated for each round.
- Artist's Choice. Total of 5 icons according to your choice, for the artist you chose.
- You may suggest a theme or category here.
- Themes, Categories and Artist's Choices have different voting posts. Please vote in the right post.
- Do not vote for your own icons or have someone else vote for you. We all play fairly.

Please apply here if you are interested in becoming a banner maker.

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